Vivian Fine





Music for Study


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Solo piano


May 1, 1940, Composers’ Forum Laboratory, New York City, Erich Weil, piano


Numbers 1 and 2 published by E. H. Morris in Contemporary American Piano Music


1. Children’s Suite for Piano (1938)

          Shepherd’s Song



          The Small Sad Sparrow
          Corn Song

          Irish Lament (Famine of 1845)

          The Brook


5 min 30 sec

2. Two Preludes for Four Hands (1941)


2 min

3. Five Little Canons (1941)


2 min

4. Two Descriptive Pieces (1941)


3 min

5. Study in Changing Meter (1935)
1 min 30 sec

program notes

There are seven pieces in the Children’s Suite for Piano, and each piece is a beautiful little composition that stresses some aspect of technique, such as trills, within the context of a complete composition that is aesthetically pleasing.

–adapted from Heidi Von Gunden, The Music of Vivian Fine, Scarecrow Press, 1999


Music for a broad title that encompasses five separate sets of minatures....Fine composed these pieces for didactic purposes, but not specifically for her own few students. Childrens Suite is a wonderfully successful set and should be more widely known and used among piano teachers.

-Leslie Jones, “The Solo Piano Music of Vivian Fine,” Doctor of Musical Arts thesis, University of Cincinnatti, 1994.