Vivian Fine





Tragic Exodus




9 minutes


Piano and baritone


February 19, 1939, Guild Theatre, New York City, Hanya Holm and Dance Company, Peter Throne, baritone, and Vivian Fine, piano

program notes

In “Tragic Exodus,” inspired by the plight of the Jews under Hitler, I used a baritone voice employing only vowel sounds. This recalled Hebrew chants, although no authentic material was used. The piano was plucked, adding to the sense of history with sounds reminiscent of the lyre. “They Too Are Exiles” had sections with a strong ethnic flavor, which presented the problem of creating a homogeneous musical fabric. This large work really needed orchestral support, but in 1940 two pianists at one piano were the principal musical resource of dancer and composer.

–Vivian Fine, Dance Perspectives, v. 16 (1963)